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Nathan was born and raised in Oakland, California, where he cultivated a love for all things outdoors. He attended San Jose State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. While an undergraduate, Nathan worked at the legislature and gained keen insight into the legislative process. Nathan’s passion for the outdoors and the law led him to the University of Montana School of Law where he graduated in 2014.

During law school Nathan interned at the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, where he worked on forestry, land management, and wildfire suppression issues. He is interested in and has written about Federal land management issues. During the course of his time with the DNRC, Nathan worked closely with state and federal agencies to reach positive outcomes for all concerned.

After graduation, Nathan was hired by Oracle America and moved to Bozeman. With a background in computer systems, he worked with Oracle’s Legal Department in the negotiation of Cloud Service Agreements and Oracle Master Agreements. Oracle provided Nathan with valuable experience both negotiating and preparing commercial contracts.

Nathan left Oracle to join Guza, Nesbitt, & Putzier, PLLC in May, 2017. Nathan will be applying the skills he has learned in life, school and work to his position with Guza, Nesbitt & Putzier, PLLC. Nathan will focus on transactions, litigation defense and municipalities.

When not working, Nathan enjoys the amenities Montana affords, including skiing, hunting, fly fishing, mountain biking, backpacking and camping.